The Nucleofector™ Device is the single cuvette based system that has been used in research labs since 2001. It allows efficient transfection of hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells with different substrates (e.g., DNA vectors or siRNA oligonucleotides) in low-throughput format. The Nucleofector™ II/2b Device can also be used for bacteria transformation by using alternative cuvettes (for ordering information see below).


  • Highly efficient transfection of primary cells and cell lines

  • Reliable results due to high viability and preservation of cell functionality

  • Over 150 ready-to-use Amaxa™ Optimized Protocols containing cell-type specific guidance




  • Low-throughput transfection in single cuvette format

  • Transfection of plasmid DNA, siRNA, shRNA, miRNA, RNA and more, e.g., Morpholinos

  • Transfection of peptides, proteins or small molecules

  • Approaching 4,000 peer-reviewed publications

  • Suited for bacteria transformation 

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (w × d × h)30 × 23 × 11 cm (11.81 × 9.06 × 4.33 in)
Weight2.8 kg (6.2 lb)
Power supply100 – 110 VAC or 230 VAC
           50 – 60 Hz, self-regulating
Power consumption50 VA/fuse T630mA L250V

IP 20, EN 61010-1, UL 61010A-1

Ordering information
Please contact our Customer Service for pricing information.

AAB-1001Nucleofector™ 2b Device 
AWD-2002Nucleofector™ 2b Guarantee, 2-year extension*
           Has to be purchased together with the device

Nucleofector™ 2b Service Contract*
           Can be purchased at any time during the guarantee period

VKA-1001Electroporation cuvettes for bacteria (1 mm gap) 50 cuvettes

*Comprises diagnosis and repair of the device including all replacement parts and costs for return shipments of repaired device.