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mRNA-In® Neuro Transfection Reagent

mRNA-In® Neuro is a new mRNA transfection reagent specifically designed and optimized for high efficiency delivery with exceptionally low cytotoxicity in neurons. Unlike other competitor reagents, mRN

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   mRNA-In® Neuro is a new mRNA transfection reagent specifically designed and optimized for high efficiency delivery with exceptionally low cytotoxicity in neurons. Unlike other competitor reagents, mRNA-In® Neuro requires very low amounts of RNA to achieve maximum delivery while maintaining optimal cell viability.

mRNA-In® Neuro Transfection Reagent is a next generation low-toxicity mRNA delivery system for achieving maximum transfection efficiency in hard-to-transfect neurons. It is well suited for various neurobiology applications, including neurotoxicity and neurite outgrowth development. Data here shows mRNA-In® typically achieves 70% or greater transfection efficiency in primary neurons. With mRNA-In Neuro®, mRNA expression levels using can be adjusted by changing the amount of mRNA transfection. Moreover, mRNA-In® - Neuro requires very low amounts of mRNA (up to 5-fold less that competitor reagents) to achieve maximum transfection efficiency in neurons, significantly minimizing unintended off-target immune activation and toxicity effects.

Low Amounts of mRNA Achieve Maximum RNA Delivery in Neurons

500 ng transfection of neurons

       500ng mRNA

250 ng transfection of neurons

         250ng mRNA

120 ng transfection of neurons

       120ng mRNA

Figure 1. Superior mRNA Transfection efficiency in Primary Neurons – Primary rat cortical neurons cultured in 24-well plates were transfected with mRNA-In® Neuro  Transfection Reagent and incubated overnight in complete culture media. Maximum transfection efficiency was maintained with reducing amounts of mRNA, from 500ng(high) to 125ng (low) amounts of mRNA. The above images were taken 48-hours post-transfection. In contrast to DNA transfection, neuronstransfected with mRNA-In® Neuro showed uniform GFP expression from high (500ng) to very low (125ng) amounts of mRNA.

Feature Benefits

  • Maximum efficiency with low amounts of mRNA - Maximally effective with very low amounts of mRNA, significantly minimizing potential adverse off-target cytotoxic effects and  supporting maximum cell health and viability.

  • High expression, low toxicity - Achieves high mRNA efficiency and protein expression  in hard to transfect neurons while maintaining optimal cell health for uncompromised post-transfection assay results.

  • Versatile performance - Highly efficient and reproducible transfection performance across a wide range of primary cells.

  • Rapid expression and easy to use - Use without the risk of integration with the cellular host genome and observe more rapid expression as early as 4 hours post-transfection. 

  • Well suited for various applications - Shown to be effective across a range of applications, including neurotoxicity and neurite development.  

mRNA-In® Neuro Shows Superior Performance over Competitor 

mrna-in vs messengermax transfection of neurons

Figure 2.  mRNA-In® Neuro Outperforms Competitor Reagents - mRNA-In Neuro Transfection Reagent was compared to MessengerMax for transfecting neurons. Primary cortical neurons in culture for 6 days weretransfected with 500ng and 250ng amounts of modified mRNA and 2µl mRNA-In® Neuro or MessengerMax™ in 24-well plates. Cells were incubated overnight in complete culture media and observed 24hr and48hrs (not shown) post-transfection. Above images show significantly higher transfection efficiency and GFP expression in healthy neurons post transfection.