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EditPro™ Transfection Reagent

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EditPro™  Transfection Reagent has been optimized to deliver Cas9 mRNA or RNP with the associated guide RNA,  into a wide range of adherent cell types.  In addition, ssDNA constructs or single-stranded oligodeoxynucleotides (ssODN) can be mixed with the Cas9mRNA/gRNA or Cas9 protein/gRNA to promote homology-directed repair (HDR) to introduce targeted substitutions.  It is well suited for co-transfection delivery of gene editing tools, therefore, into many primary cells and cell lines. 

High Efficiency Cas9 mRNA Delivery

Below we demonstrate the efficiency of transfection of Cas9-encoding modified mRNA followed by detection with anti-Cas9 antibodies demonstrating high efficiency transfection and expression of the Cas9.

Cas9 mRNA transfection with EditPro reagent A549

Cas9 mRNA transfection with EditPro reagent human fibroblasts
Figure 1. Antibody labeling of A549 cells and adult human dermal fibroblasts 24 hours post-transfection confirmed successful transfection of Cas9 mRNA using the EditPro™ Transfection Reagent.

Cas9-mediated INDEL Formation

The following data in HeLa cells demonstrates successful gene editing with EditPro™ via co-transfection of either Cas9 mRNA or Cas9 protein with the associated guide RNAs as indicated by the formation of INDEL bands. 

Cas9 mRNA transfection with EditPro reagent in hela cells and T7 endo analysis

Figure 2. Indel analysis following transfection with EditPro™ Transfection Reagent. HeLa cells were transfected using 1 or 2 µL of EditPro™ Transfection Reagent as indicated with Cas9 mRNA (modified)/ gBlock® U6sgRNA GAPDH oligo/ GFP mRNA (modified) or Cas9 protein/ gBlock® U6sgRNA GAPDH oligo/ GFP mRNA (modified). Genome-modification was analyzed using the T7Endo 1 assay.


  • High Efficiency – delivering Cas9 RNA and/or Cas9 protein for gene editing and DNA for homology-directed repair.

  • Low toxicity 

  • Easy to use – no special equipment required

  • Cost Effective – effective at low amounts of reagent resulting in low cost/well